Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well, I've kept you waiting long enough.

As we all know Stardoll's got Talent has now become True Beauty. The concept is still the same, but a few suprises will take place throughout the competition.

For now, the prizes are:

100 Stardollars

Feature on E! of Stardoll, True Beauty, Stardoll's Juciiest

Writing position for a month on E! of Stardoll

Exclusive graphic.

If you would like to sponser any prize (magazine feature, Stardollars, blog posts etc.) please cotact sugar103 asap! You will be added to the sponsers page on the blog.

Also, we are looking for a complete blog makeover, so please contact me if you are interested in making a blog header and background. You will be paid for your work and also added to the sponsers page (your MeDoll or blog)

Of course, we need judges before we can start the auditions for the contestants. If you are interested in becoming a judge, please fill out this form and leave it i comments:


Stardoll Username:

Why do you want to be a judge?:

Thank you so much! I hope we get alot of applications. And remember, if you don't get chosen as a judge, you could always apply to be a contestant. Remember the header, remember the prizes and... go crazy! This will be a unforgettable season!


SugarShoez (sugar103)


  1. I can make you guys a blog banner:) To see some of my work go here
    let me know by signing my gb if you would like me to make a banner and btw how much can you pay?

  2. I can also make you a banner :), apply on "order here" and the price will be as you pay. thanks.

  3. Name: Fenia

    Stardoll Username: Sharpay-4ever

    Why do you want to be a judge?: Cuz I looove judging! and cause I only choose the most amazing! haha just joking!

    I think I am able to do it!

  4. Name: Lara

    Stardoll Username: LolLara123

    Why do you want to be a judge?: I want to be a judge because this project could be big! I also have a bit of time on my hands and i enjoy telling people how they can improve and so on. I also want to help you get this project to be the best it can be!


    Stardoll Username:N.Y.C.B.A.B.E

    Why do you want to be a judge?: Maybe Its Just Me , but Im Like Really Competitive And It Really Annoys Me When Judges Of Other Compotitions Are Really How Do I Put It , Well Its Just Obvious That From The Start They Pick The Person They Want Too Win When They Haven't Even See What They Can Do , Yes That Maybe That Job But Maybe Just See What They Can Do First Secondly: Im Really Hard Working , And I Want Too Put That Hard Work Too The Test , i Have Nothing Else On My Mind So Why Not Be A Judge For This Wonderfull Competition? Yes I Write For Alot Of Blogs But I Think I Could Really Get Into This Job.

    Much ♥ ~ Tiffany♥♥