Friday, January 21, 2011

Round 2 FINAL Result and... Round 3

WIthout keeping you waiting, the results according to you:

That gives MakeupBerries 10 points, EssRox 6 points, Kasejen 3 points and matcurana 1 point.

Remember that you WERE allowed to ask for votes, so don't feel bad people!

Now, the final results:

matcurana: 14.5
KaseJen: 20.5
EssRox: 14.5
MakeupBerries: 20

Now what do we do? matcurana and EssRox has excactly the same points! We look at the poll of course... Unfortananly matcurana came last, so that means that


will be leaving us. Thanks so much for taking part all the way and we all here at Stardoll's got Talent wish you good luck in your Stardoll career for the future.

That means the 3 finalists are:


You girls will perform the FINAL task to determine the 1st ever winner of Stardoll's got Talent!

What is this Final Task you ask?

Round 3:


Create a look. Not just ANY look. A non-SS, vintage look. Hard? Yes. Can you do it? Yes.


You can make your look in your suite or in Starplaza
Make a tinypic and post it here.
You HAVE to include your shopping list so I can make sure nothing is SS
Your deadline is 30 January. That gives you 8 days.
Post the tinypic here in comments along with your Stardoll Username

Good luck!

SugarShoez (sugar103)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Later Today...

You better hope school finishes early today, becuase when I get back, the results will be revealed!

SugarShoez (sugar103)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Task 2 Results

After a very long wait, only 4 people gave in their entries. I decided to STILL eliminate someone, so that gives us 3 finalists for Round 3. Thus... only 2 more rounds until someone is the officail winner of Stardoll's got Talent!

Here are the entries I recieved:





Here is some of your comments from the judges:

Our Guest Judge, yissy123:

Your pose is great and creativity is good too but your shading and coloring needs alot of work and the dress need some work too but all in all you did good.

You body is great i meen i onestly loved it but the head looks very weird and looks to twisted but that can be fixed.

Your pose is great but not enough creativity.

Creativity is great but the body u can see that its a humans body so u need to make it more graphic like.


For lili3y : I like how you combined both photos, and doll`s position.

For Katie : Love doll`s position and the way it`s worked.

For EssRox : Good theme, even doll`s neck is a bit weird done, but it`s great.

For Kasey/Kasejen : Well inspired graphic, it`s really full of inspiration :D


Kasey/Kasejen♥ [1st place]
Katie ☮ [2nd place]
EssRox [3rd place]
lili3y [4th place]

So here are the final results:

matcurana: 7.5/10
Kasejen: 7.5/10
MakeupBerries: 7/10
EssRox: 7.5/10

Plus your positions according to dimpeldall:

1st Place: 10 Points
2nd Place: 6 Pioints
3rd Place: 3 Points
4th Place: 1 Point

matcurana: 13.5
MakeupBerries: 10
EssRox: 8.5

So that puts matcurana in first place and EssRox in last... but wait! YOU still need to vote! The winner of the poll gets 10 Points, 2nd 6, 3rd 3 and last 1 point. Choose your favourite graphic and vote for it in the poll below:

*Please don't select Other

You ARE allowed to ask for votes.

SugarShoez (sugar103)