Friday, May 6, 2011

Season 2 in the works

Oh the joy! The joy of saying I am busy working on Season 2 of Stardoll's got Talent!

I've just started working on this, so it will be a while, but trust me, it will be worth it. I just want to note to ALL sponsers that you will be removed from the list, unless you sponser something prize- or otherwise for Season 2. Also ALL judges will be removed from the judging panel until the auditions for judges.

I want to encourage all followers to invite people to follow the blog, becuase for every 5 people you invite, you get a SS gift of your choice. They have to sign my Guest Book saying their blogger name and the person who invited them along with the person's blogger name.

Hope to see everyone auditioning for Season 2!


SugarShoez (sugar103)


  1. Woohoo! Just can't wait!
    I really wanna be a judge!
    Byee :)

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