Sunday, December 19, 2010

Task 2...

This task will be very hard for many of you. I think almost non of you have experience in the graphic designing part. I'm going to try to make it as easy for you as possible, because I also know almost nothing of graphic designing. I'm going to try to get someone who KNOWS something give us a little tutorial in the next few days, so I'm moving the deadline till after Christmas. Your deadline is 31 December. That means you have to be finished before then.

The task:
You can make your own graphic. WOW me. Along with the graphic you have to write a little bit about HOW you made it and tell me more about the theme you chose. In this task we are looking for originality.

Upload your graphic to tinypic and post it here along with your paragraph
NO stealing from magazines/sites/graphic blogs. If we find out you've been stealing you will immediately be disqualified
If you hand in your entry too late, you will be disqualified

If you have any questions please contact me. More will be coming later...

SugarShoez (sugar103)


  1. I'm used to making graphics(:
    Does that mean I can do a model and a pose?

  2. @EssRox

    Sure, you can make ANYTHING. As long as it's according to a theme.

  3. Oh my gosh. This is going to be hard, and do we post our entries here? :D

  4. @Katie

    Yep, all entries must be posted here

  5. I don't think I can can keep up with the stupid ideas (no offense of course) but I can't make a banner at all and I'm sick this week too so can you disqualify me?


  6. @carly

    You can make any graphic you want, it doesn't have to be a banner. If you think this is stupid and want to quit, so be it. I am not going to disqualify you, you can quit yourself. Remember what you are working for (Please see the prize tab)

    You have until the end of the year to do it, so I think that's long enough

  7. My theme is Christmas party
    I made it with Photoshop 7.0


  8. I am sorry I can't make graphics :( I would love if you could teach me how :)

  9. @Alexia

    We are getting someone to teach you girls how to :)

  10. I knw someone who's good at graphics so she could help us should i tell u her name ?!

  11. @kaami1990

    That would be great!! I replied on the GB message :)

  12. @MakeupBerries

    As soon as possible!

  13. This theme is sweet fashion, here's the link! :D

  14. It was my first graphic so it was hard to make, Im sorry if its not perfect! :D

  15. My theme was the Runway/Catwalk

    I created it from scratch and I used (:
    I actually drew the pose,bikini, lips and hair myself. Hope you like it!


  16. @MakeupBerries

    I doesn't have to be perfect, the whole point of this competition is to better yourself. And relax, it looks good!


    It's great!

  17. my theme is
    "Caught the bouquet!"
    which is a medoll who is attending a wedding,she catches the bouquet and jumps for joy in the news of her future!This is 100% drawn from me except the wine glasses,cake,car,and medoll it is!

    i hope you like it:D